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Catalyst Lakeland

Not everyone gets to say they created a realtime interactive 3D model of their hometown, but we can.

Working as Technical Lead at The Apiary Studios, Will English of Realistic Picture Group was responsible for overseeing technical implementation of the Catalyst Lakeland Digital Twin.

Using Reality Capture we created an accurate photogrammetry model of 4 square miles of Lakeland’s downtown core. From there Will and the team hand modeled important historical buildings and sites of interest using Maya and oversaw import and optimization of Revit models from the architecture team. We also used Houdini to generate optimized tiled background terrain from survey data.

The result is a photorealistic real-time interactive model of Lakeland, but not just Lakeland as it is now, rather this shows what Lakeland could look like if all the conceptual architectural designs are approved.
Catalyst is a powerful tool for enabling real estate developers, city officials, and the public to collaborate together on a vision for the future of Lakeland, Florida. It’s been a very interesting project to build.

The digital twin is live and ready to stream to your browser at

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